At Paton & Mayr and Partners, we offer the full spectrum of services in Property law.

The spectacular growth of the demand for immigration law advising in Spain and its corollary, the significant increase of international investment in this country, has led Paton and Mayr Lawyers and Partners to specialise in a new legal practice: conveyancing.
Conveyancing consists of advising our clients through all the steps related to the purchase or selling of a property in Spain.


This assistance covers a large scope of key points, all of which are part of any real estate transaction taking place in Spain.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the services we provide at Paton and Mayr Lawyers and Partners in the field of conveyancing:

- Application for tax identification number (NIE), which is compulsory for any real estate transaction in Spain.
-Land verification (urban classification, planning, local license, etc.)
-Making a Due Diligence of the Property, ensuring that the property is free from debts and outstanding tax.
-Reviewing the Deposit Contract.
- Determining the cadastral and fiscal value of the property.
-Filing and lodging taxes before Inland Revenue.
-Preparing all documentation related to the community of property owners.
-Mortgage negotiation.
- Title deed preparation (to be signed before the notary) and attending the investor in the public Notary.
- Closing day documents examination (at the notary’s office).
- Title deed registration at the Land Registry.


Property litigation

The purchase of real estate can sometimes give rise to disputes. In this regard,
we provide a complete Spanish property litigation service including but not limited to:


Contract Disputes


Landlord/Tenant Disputes


Administrative Litigation


Construction Problems


Guarantee of reimbursement of deposits